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Improving Vim’s Mac integration

July 17, 2007

Update: our first patch is now available!

Vim is a great editor and OS X a lovely operating system, but unfortunately, they do not go really well together.  No wonder requests for better OS X integration are at the top of the requested features list.

But so far the Mac Vim community doesn’t seem to have the manpower to get cranking on these issues. Luckily there’s Jjgod Jiang working on a Summer Of Code project to build a Cocoa GUI for vim.

As avid Vim users we’d like to contribute something as well. So we took the week off and started hacking (with just a grain of C knowlegde and no prior Mac API experience) Vim to implement the ODB Editor Suite which will make it possible to use Vim from a whole bunch of FTP applications. We’re making progress and hope to ‘release’ a first version patch soon.

If time allows we’ll also try to develop a simple ‘Edit in Vim’ button that can be used from text widgets in any application.


Mac OS X: Duplicate your Terminal-window in the same directory

June 11, 2007

I was looking for a way to duplicate the current Terminal-window in the same directory. I wrote a
small script that does just this, save it as ~/bin/dup

echo "cd `pwd`" > ~/.bash_last_dir
echo "rm ~/.bash_last_dir" >> ~/.bash_last_dir
echo "touch ~/.bash_last_dir" >> ~/.bash_last_dir
open -a Terminal .

If you include the following line at the end of your ~/.bash_login, you’re all set:

source ~/.bash_last_dir

Make sure the ~/bin directory is in your path, and type “dup” in your Terminal to duplicate it.